Nels Babies 


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Our Story

Nels Babies was started because of our passion for baby products. And because we would like to see every baby and toddler loved, our idea was to create gorgeous, rare and high-quality products at reasonable prices. Ranging from linen, skin care, travel systems to nursery bottles.


We want to be the first African baby company that will provide international markets with quality high end products.  We want to give our distributors, retailers and ultimately our customers a complete shopping experience. This is one of the reasons why we spend a great deal of time carefully selecting designers and suppliers from all over the world who can provide us with exceptional products. Only unique and rare product designs are considered. We know that every parent’s style is different, and while we pay attention to what is current and trendy, we do not limit ourselves to a particular style.

Beatha Shitemba

When Beatha Shitemba had her first child a few years ago, the excitement of welcoming him into his new home with a beautiful nursery was one of her number one priorities. At that time the local market only had the basics to offer in terms of nursery decor and baby linen. 

It was thereafter, that she decided to venture into the manufacturing of baby and kids products via Nels Babies.