Generation Alpha: Children of the Millennial

By 2025, which is the year when the youngest Alphas are born, Generation Alpha will account to 2 billion of the global population. Generation Alpha is considered to be the most technological-infused demographic up to date.

Generation Alpha are children born from 2010 to 2025. They are the first generation entirely born within the 21st century. They are also known as the iGeneration. They are the children of the Millennials. 

Generation Alpha use smartphones and tablets naturally. These children were born along with iPhones, iPads, and applications. They don't know or can imagine how life was without them. They are not afraid of technology or touching buttons to learn what those buttons do. Alphas learn by doing. Generation Alpha is growing up with the familiar voice of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant in their home.

In the world of the Alphas, interacting with Artificial Intelligence and voice assistants is simply natural. Generation Alpha sounds like one exciting generation. The older Alphas at age eight are more tech-savvy than their predecessors. How are they going to interact with advanced Artificial Intelligence, which is expected to be mainstream by the time the first Alphas reach their twenties? 

According to a study conducted by IEEE of Millennial parents of Generation Alpha kids, more than half of Millennial parents across different geographies are most comfortable with their infants and young children using health wearables to track many forms of health data.

The 2,000 parents surveyed are between ages 20 to 36 with at least one child eight years old or younger.

Health-related AI technologies will have a great impact on the lives and future of the Generation Alpha children. These are the children who you will see wearing AI health-trackers from day one in life. 

Parents of Gen Alpha children also agreed on having a great deal of trust in AI diagnoses and treatments. AI-powered chatbots equipped with disease databases, patient history and symptoms could diagnose sick Generation Alpha children in a matter of seconds with 100 percent accuracy.

Facial recognition and machine learning are increasingly able to spot rare health issues in photographies. If this is used wisely, it could help in remote consultation in rural areas.

Robot surgeons also get the approval of Millennials to operate on their Alpha children as well as trusting doctors using data from AI to make life or death health decisions. 

Generation Alpha children will not have to worry about their aging parents. AI social robots that care for the elderly are welcome by Millennials to help them live independently. 

It is most likely that Generation Alpha will not suffer from cancer thanks to the advancements and accuracy of AI technology in diagnosing the illness. This will contribute to an increase in the lifespan of Generation Alpha and also a better quality of life thanks to improved overall health. 

Generation Alpha sounds like one exciting generation, indeed. The older Alphas at age eight today are already more tech-savvy than their predecessors. 

Generation Alpha starts school: How do Generation Alpha children learn?

Generation Alpha is going to benefit from the technology advancements that are changing education. Education that uses the latest technology in class will create a completely different learning experience opportunity for the Alpha children.

Schools, educators, and educational institutions are going to find it challenging to cope with the demands of Gen Alpha children if they don't update themselves and adopt a new approach to education.

For Alpha children, knowledge is acquired by doing and experiencing. Schools will have to provide an environment that enhances this type of learning.  

"These children are the most connected, educated, and sophisticated generation ever, so when educating, a school should provide an environment that enhances learning for these digital integrators." - Jenny Coetzee, career educator and founding member of the ADvTECH Group's prestigius Crawford School La Lucia

Generation Alpha requires changes and a new approach to education at all levels. Colleges should get ready to receive Generation Alpha by creating programs of study that require deep learning.

Schools need to start preparing programs that are flexible enough to be adapted and changed quickly according to the young Alphas' inquisitive minds. 

The right way to teach the young Alphas is by developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It will be important for Generation Alpha children to be able to see problems from different perspectives.

Teamwork will let them analyze possible alternative solutions according to different viewpoints, and then make decisions based on their own personal and individual critical thinking.

This is the generation that will co-live with advanced Artificial Intelligence. Gen Alphas need to be creative.

They need to be as quick thinkers as they can possibly be as members of the human race. This is the generation that will populate Mars and the Moon. Generation Alpha is the generation that will go where no other generation has gone before.

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