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At Nel's Babies & Kiddies, we’re looking for kid-focused partners to join our trusted family as a part of our Affiliate Program. The best part? It’s easy! You’ll earn money just by promoting our quality range of children’s products. Simply drive traffic from your social media accounts and website to ours and get commission on any qualified sales that follow!


Why partner with us?

As an affiliate with Nel's Babies & Kiddies, you will...

  • Join forces with the largest branded marketer of baby and children’s company in the Namibia.

  • Earn flexible, competitive commission rates.

  • Have access to banners, text links, creative assets, upcoming offers and product launches to help with your promotional efforts.

  • Have a dedicated Affiliate Management Team to assist with any needs that arise.


How does it work?

  1. You’ll first apply to the program

  2. Your application will be reviewed to decide if your platform is a good match.

  3. If selected, you will gain access to materials to help you promote our products

  4. Commission payments will be sent to you once our team has reconciled any cancelations, order modifications and screened orders for fraud.


Ready to join?

Here's how!

  • Sign up 

  • Start earning commissions on qualified sales referred to our sites. Once your application is approved our team will provide you with a coupon code for your rate up to 10%!


For any additional questions, contact our team at

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