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We do not process refunds or exchanges on special orders. All orders must be paid 100% for the order to be processed. The lead time for orders is 2-3 weeks. Orders only apply to travel systems, Furniture and high value products. 


We do not process refunds, only exchanges or instore credit. Products purchased should be return within 24 hours, thereafter an exchange or instore credit will occur. Products return after 24 hours will not be accepted. 


A 10% deposit and 3 months to pay apply to laybys. The payments should be made as follows:

  • First Payment -  A month from date of deposit.

  • Second Payment – A month from date of first payment above.

  • Third Payment - A month from date of second payment above.

If a layby is over 3 months, it will be cancelled, and no refund/exchange will be processed. If a layby is cancelled before 3 months, it will be regarded as an instore credit or voucher. 

Refunds/Exchanges/Returns on electrical products
All electrical appliances should be returned within 24 hours if a fault occurs. The fault should be related to a manufacturing error. The product will be inspected. We do not process refunds, exchanges or in store credit if it is not a manufacturing error. We offer an exchange if there is a manufacturing error and not a refund.

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